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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  January 14, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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a terrifying moment at the train station when a boy slips. >> right between the platform and the train. >> see the desperate moves to keep the train stopped as his parents dive to save him. it's a video that had the world thinking -- >> things are getting strange in australia, guys. >> now, we reveal the truth behind the viral hoax. >> oh. >> that simple. oh, bummer. >> he's brave man who must live by the motto -- >> if you see me in a fight with this, help me. >> help the man. >> why this will make the fur on your neck stand you. >> can you get up there? >> a 2-year-old scrambles to the top of the closet for his curious parents. >> wondering how on earth did you get up there, you young man. >> now the dad of the climbing phenom shows he's constantly surprising them by reaching great heights. >> we can't wait to see what he does next.
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>> [ inaudible ]. this street cleaner may be made out of iron because there is no other explanation for him surviving this. >> holy! >> that full of cargo hits him, knocks him over. the lurie topples over. >> the impact toppled the truck. >> see a tv show where he shows his powers in front of everybody. >> i cannot understand how the driver missed this guy. he's in brightly colored colors in the middle of the road? looks like the truck may have been out of control before he got anywhere near the guy. >> bumps, scrapes, bruises? >> minor injuries, nothing serious for him or the driver. >> how was your day, honey? >> i got hit by a truck. the next video shocking for different reasons. as a child is walking on to the
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misses the step. >> no! >> right between the platform and the train, went right through it. >> but they didn't let the train move. please tell me the child got back out. >> you see some people run immediately to get help. you see the guy in the white shirt reach down into the tracks, grabs the child, and brings it right back up on to the platform. this happened quite a bit. >> in a split second you turn your back, the child is gone. you can sees the desperation and panic in the parents' eyes as they lost the little one between the gaps. >> the gaps are big. lot of lat forms i've seen no way it could fit through there. >> watch the next video as the boy again is trying to get on the train. you can actually see his foot tap the step but miss it completely and he falls down. fortunately he puts his arms out and catches himself. it happens all the time. the woman chasing after her daughter that's fallen through the tracks.
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yellow line and keep ahold of your kids, man. before i show you this video, i need to -- >> what is this? >> things are getting strange in australia because watch closely, there's a few flashes of light. >> oh. >> and then in the middle of the screen, look out for it. >> okay. what is that? >> they're an ally and we are flying one of our special planes over there. >> i have a theory. god's been smoking. >> you need this. >> i think. >> everything is fine. continue pitching videos. >> it has caught the attention of the press around the world, though. you are seeing headlines all over there. there was the sun, the mirror,
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story trying to find out the truth. a successful takedown video posted by the same guy giving the explanation what really happened. right from the get-go the text on the screen is explaining this guy was yet -- no, i just bought adobe aftereffects trying to learn coms pos itting for fun. >> oh,. >> that simple. bummer. >> here's your hat back. >> i just took a daytime show, took a nighttime shot and blended those together and tried layering in effects. lighting separate. used a simulation combined with the lighting effect, the northern lights in australia, everybody. northern. australia. and put it together and figured he would put it up for fun but instead everybody saw it and caught it and a whole bunch of journalists went crazy. >> this video has been shown to be fake and just a big
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end of the video upload genuine footage over parliament house in australia. are you ready? a six-second vine video posted almost two years ago is becoming a real pain in the butt for some people. >> let's go. >> oh! >> did they really brand that kid? >> that is a real anding. this video getting lots and lots of attention in the last if few days. this apparently happened near the university of it nebraska lincoln. at the time, this kid says it was my idea. i was down for it. a lot of people are upset about this video because they're like how has this happened, what's going on. reportedly it was off campus and
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guy was already a member of phi kappa psi. those are the letters in greek that are now em blazend on his bum. >> i don't understand. my butt cheek hurts right now. >> you can only sit on one of your butt cheeks. >> i can't believe someone would subject themselves to this voluntarily. >> a lot of people are tearing this video apart. why is it different from getting a tattoo? tattoos hurt. they're for life. if this was this kid's decision and it wasn't part of any kind of ritual to join a fra terpenity, his idea, his way of showing loyalty, so what? >> you're right on that respect. no controversy if people are looking for it. a guy who made his own decision and he will have to stick with it. >> we did reach out to the university of nebraska lincoln and d d not hear back from them, but a university spokesman reportedly told local media they are taking the video seriously and the appropriate authorities have been notified. we also reached out to the
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national headquarters and did not hear back from them either. the guy's bum we see or the person who post ready not currently students at unl. these animal videos show the stages of romance. we start with the fight. because everybody knows on the playground when the guy fights with you, hes like you. the bird on the left is a hawk. the bird on the right is a barn owl. the hawk was on a power pole. saw the barn owl on the ground and decided to gor a dive. they lock talons and are on the ground. >> you let go. >> you let go. >> you let go. >> is locking talons code for something. >> a euphemism. >> they're about to fight. >> euphemism for? >> about to fight. >> the owl probably had the upper hand.
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according to the person who captured the video the winner was the hawk because he said at the very end, the hawk was back to the power pole and the poor owl had to go to rehab. the romance went back. >> when the talons lock they can't just automatically let go. they're instinct, nature. once they lock they're kind of locked. they have to wait until their muscles relax to release. the second stage of romance. >> oh, no. >> that thing is huge. >> what do you have to feed that thing some. >> look there as he's sort of hugging. the difference in size of the heads. >> that's a big guy. >> that's not a little dude. >> that's ter fiing. >> the ii love the last part of the video, they zoom in on his claws. the final stage of romance. breakup. >> that's a happy thought. >> it is for this elk. he's happy she's gone. there you go, guys.
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closed captioning provided --ieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. it if you watch this show long enough you know to expect the unexpected. these videos no different. this video comes to us from jukin. start here in alaska. the car we're riding in is just enterings the freeway. so we see this little black car here.
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>> holy [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> slow motion accident. oh. >> that car had put on its signal but the truck came past and as it was trying to overcorrect it overcorrected too much. >> that's a drag. the blinker came on as he was going to cruise to the right there. he was like, i'm going to go next. >> at same time that's why you're not supposed to undertake. that's why you have those lanes so you're able to move over into a slower moving one. >> i might make the argument everyone was going a little too quick for those road conditions. >> so true. >> you will have a lot to say about this video in south africa. we're at the gas station. this is surveillance footage. notice the taxi. >> oh! >> it shot across two lanes, hopped the curb, smashed into the gas station, smashing the roof of one car, and then slides on in near the pump. >> jumped out.
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>> like an episode of south african a-team. >> nobody in the taxi. he's okay. everybody start running towards him, because they're l le whoa whoa whoa, what just happened. >> this could have ended so much worse than it did. looks like a jammed accelerator or something. >> not sure what caused him. you see him scratching his head as he was walking off. i was scratching my head as i watched the video for the first time as well. i hope you're all in the mood for love. that's about to happen in this video. >> you just [ inaudible ]. >> claire has had no idea, but since july of 2015, her man ray has been trying to figure o o how to pop the question. and he's done it without her noticing in her photos. photos they've been taking where he holds up a little card asking her to marry him.
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>> i love this. >> i love this. >> it's good. >> how did she miss it? >> that's what i was tpinking. i like this. she's not one of the girls that goes let me see the picture to make sure she looks okay. she's c cll and super comfortable. >> and probably never done the front hp facing camera so she doesn't get to see what's in the shot. you can tell some of the photos are a little off, kind of blurry, but that's not the point. the point is that he was thinking about this. this one is my favorite photograph. he says, today we argued and i still lay here saying, claire, will you marry me. >> brother, this is good. >> you also see her growing belly because obviously she's pregnant throughout the process of this video. >> does the baby come out holding the sign? >> no. but he was holding it inside. >> did he not post any of these on social media? >> no. he kept them all to himself. he shared them with their family
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some of the shots they are in on this. >> do we get to see claire's reaction to the video. >> here's the last picture he shares. he's on one knee holding a rose with the card asking him to marry him on december 24th. the video ends with him asking. she did say yes. in fact, there's a picture of her crying after watching the video. >> that was well thought out. >> cute idea, ray. taking tricycles to a new level by -- >> coming around the corner on two wheels. >> see the guys pull off crazy stunts. >> perfect. >> next shying. >> still to come, brave mountain bikers take over the hangover trail. >> it is risky. >> why riding this line will have you holding your breath. the video spoof that proves. >> the high school reunion is essentially dead. >> old, right. >> how has everyone been. what's new.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... promotional considerations provided by --e your price tool" phase. whatever. many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. three rules of mountain biking, hang on, duck and hang on. sedona, arizona, the hangover trail. it is very risky and you need to be a professional like these guys to ride it and look how risky it is. parts of it don't even look like a trail. it looks like woods. >> just make sure when you do it you don't have a hangover. >> because it was new year's day when they did this and you can see how treacherous it is. this pot right here, you have this rock hanging over, a tree root, ride right over it like it's nothing.
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this thing. this guy you can hear him breathing hard. >> oh, my gosh. >> been to sedona a number of times. one thing i haven't done is mountain bike. >> i don't think i could walk this line. >> they do highlight the beauty. that's part of the arizona that has the beautiful red rock it's known for. right here at the end of the video you get to see the beautiful panorama and i think they sum it up better than i can. >> if you're going to die that's a good way to go. that's pretty epic. >> yeah, it is sweet. good riding. >> it may not quite seem like it, but the high school reunion is essentially dead. >> oh, my god, i can't believe it's been ten years. how has everyone been. what's new? >> another production on youtube tackling the idea. what killed the high school reunion. >> i had baby. >> yeah. abigail abigail, right. >> had her 1-year-old birthday party last year. >> right.
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>> facebook. >> as the people start getting into it they realize they pretty much know everything about each other because -- >> facebook. >> yeah. >> facebook. >> you don't need to catch up. >> i graduated from law school. >> yeah. >> i got a job. so excited. >> morris and foster. >> you changed your job status. >> pretty much everything you do, the big moments, this girl got a brand new job. yeah, we know. you had a baby, we seen the pictures. >> so cool to go to catch up with people who donon have facebook. >> good point. >> did you hear about gary. >> no. what happened? >> he died. >> what? >> i went to prom. >> no one knows anything about it. fell off the face of the earth. >> gary? >> gary? >> why did everybody think gary died? >> no one has heard from you in two years. >> two years ago i deactivated my facebook. >> oh. okay.
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account equals being dead. >> in today's social media world it seems the equivalent -- >> what have you been up to? >> can you get up there? >> yeah. >> the little guy with big climbing skills who will have you wondering -- >> how on earth did you get up there, you young man?
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>> there's no understand it visually. >> what are the skills a natural born climber must have. >> no fear. >> balance. >> yeah. >> how did you get up there? show me. >> all of the above. all of those owned by one little fin. fin is 2 years old and he is in his [ inaudible ]. what is he going to do in the closet? watch him go. stealing diapers. he climbs into the first shelving level like a boss. he gets on there and then he's
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>> as a parent you would have to keep both eyes on this kid 24 hours a day. >> oli, you have seen nothing yet. >> his height and feet game is on point. >> he's treating the closet like a jungle gym. >> now you're thinking, he's 2 years old. probably new to this. no, no, no. let me show you this video from when he was 1-year-old. climbing the side of this kiddie rock wall. >> build this kid a tree house quickly. >> to tell us more we have his father rex via skype right this minute to tell us what it's like to have finn as your son. you have to watch him 24/7. >> it's been ap adventure for sure. he was crawling at 4 months and walking at 7. >> and climbing at 8. >> climbing on to the stove at 8. >> how he was able to climb up to the top of the closet? >> it's interesting. my wife was taking a shower or
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she thought he was in the bedroom just watching the ipad and she walked in there, and he was sitting up there perched on the top shelf and when i got home i kind of needed to see it for myself so i took him up and asked him to show me how he got up there. that's why he does a little vanna white thing before he starts off. >> would you be saving for college and rock wall for this kid. >> every toy we with buy him he takes the box and climbing around the box and trying to build houses with it and stuff. when it comes to climbing he's all over the place. i've taken to him a rock gym at this point. >> is he around there? >> he is. see if he will make a cameo. finn, come here. he is -- >> we heard he climbs outside of the home too. maybe restaurants? >> there's a hot dog place we go to that has a small counter and bricks underneath it so he climbs up the bricks with his feet and gets up there, this is when he was just over a year.
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us watching this happen and i'm sure they're judging me as a parent. >> ta-da.
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